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Aircraft Management

AirNode has been involved in several multi-million dollar aircraft purchase transactions where we work for you, the buyer.  Our belief is to match you with the best possible aircraft that eloquently meets your needs.  Approved by aviation authorities worldwide, AirNode operates a full service aircraft maintenance operation to keep your aircraft in pristine condition. While not travelling on your aircraft, you have the option to offset the cost of aircraft ownership through charter. Revenue generated on aircraft charters can be put towards offsetting ownership fixed costs. If you are looking for a partner to protect your asset and manage every detail, AirNode is ready to serve.

Our goal is to enhance your private travel experience far beyond what you thought was possible.

AirNode Travel Solutions, your travel, your way, without compromise.

Our services

We provide the following services when we manage your aircraft:

Maintenance Management

  • Plan and supervise all required inspections, record keeping and maintenance
  • Maintain current manufacturers’ maintenance manuals for aircraft and equipment
  • Maintain compliance with all service letters, bulletins, and FAA or CCA airworthiness directives
  • Properly noted updates to all log books and records
  • Receive repair work and billing for warranty adjustments
Air Charter Management
  • Offset your ownership expenses by providing charter services for your aircraft
  • We schedule and handle all activities involved in chartering your aircraft
Flight Operations
  • 24/7 international and domestic trip and crew scheduling, maintenance scheduling, dispatch, flight tracking, and flight plan filing
  • Accurate and timely filing of all required logs and certifications
  • Flight and weather briefings, arrangements for onboard dining, hotel and ground transportation at destination
Flight Standards
  • Interview, hire, test and monitor crews with the highest standards for personnel and aircraft operations
  • Periodic training, proficiency checks and in-flight monitoring for flight crews
Financial Control/Reporting
  • Monthly statement verifying and paying all aircraft-related bills from your operating fund
  • Monthly operating budgets, reports and breakdown of all aircraft expenses and flight times
  •    Remove administrative, staffing, and operational concerns
  •    Ensure safety and reliability
  •    Lower your maintenance costs
  •    Protect your investment
  •    Allow you to focus on the things that have made you successful
  •   Complete flight, maintenance, and financial record keeping and reporting.
  •   Opportunity to generate charter revenue to offset costs of ownership.
  •   Reciprocal use of fleet aircraft at substantially discounted rates.
  •   Liability and hull insurance with greater coverage and reduced rates.
  •   Property tax reduction and enhanced depreciation opportunities.
  •   Advisory resources for tax planning and corporate structure.
  •   Management/coordination of any desired upgrades and mods.
  •  Professional pilot services.
  •   Sales and marketing support for charter generation and sale / fractional sales of personal aircraft.
If you have often thought about owning your own private jet, let us show you how it can not only be profitable, but can provide lucrative tax advantages as well. We have a long history of helping customers become private aircraft owners, and how that relationship can show consistent, considerable profit. We can assist you in getting the most financially rewarding management services available and introduce you to competitive financing arrangements. For further information about purchasing, managing or financing an executive aircraft, please contact one of our sales professionals today.

While enjoying the freedom of the skies you can rely upon AirNode to handle the responsibility. Our Aircraft Management Services include dedicated flight and cabin crews, flight administration (flight planning and flight watch services, as well as customer service and dispatch), aircraft insurance, financial control, maintenance coordination and budget preparation, all tailored to your specific needs.

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