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Bern, Switzerland

Bern, Switzerland

Get in touch with our expert team to arrange your visit to Bern, a charming city steeped in a rich history and culture. It is a centre for business, government and leisure activities.

Bern is Switzerland’s federal city. It is the country’s de facto capital. It is too often considered to be merely the centre of Swiss politics. Although the Federal Palace, the home of Switzerland’s parliament, is an interesting place to see, Bern is very much a worthwhile city to visit beyond reasons related to its role as the country’s polital centre. While in Bern, be sure to explore the medieval old town, classed as a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site. Wandering through its winding cobbled streets and discovering its variety of lively bars and excellent traditional restaurants, serving delicious local charcuterie, cheeses and wine will acquaint you with some of the city’s many notable charms. There is one of the largest covered shopping promenades in Europe, excellent for shopping at any number of exquisite luxury fashion boutiques and jewellers. During the summer, the beauty and tranquillity of Bern’s famous rose garden should not be missed. Enjoy walking along the banks of the River Aare that runs through the heart of the city and stopping along the way for a coffee in one of the picturesque riverside cafés. Bern has wonderful historic sites and stunning surroundings with modern luxuries to make for a great destination for a weekend break.

We are always pleased to find the right private jet to suit your itinerary and to make the arrangements to ensure that your visit to Bern is as memorable as possible.


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    Bern, Switzerland


    Located 25 minutes southeast of the city centre, Bern Airport is the easiest option for your private flight to the Swiss capital. It gives exceptionally efficient service to private jet passengers. Its exclusive VIP lounges are as comfortable as could be. We can arrange car transfers to Bern itself or helicopter transfers to the city’s nearby ski resorts.

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