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Dubai, UAE

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Maybe your journey to Dubai is on business, for a conference or to visit a trade exhibition at Dubai’s world famous International Convention and Exhibition Centre or you wish to see this splendid city as a leisure visitor. Which ever the reason for your visit may be, you will find that Dubai is a vibrant and fascinating city that never seems to stop expanding and changing, upwards and outwards. We are  pleased to make the arrangements for you to have a splendid visit to this most remarkable of modern cities.

One hundred or less years ago, Dubai, similarly as is the case for so many of today’s other Gulf cities, was a small settlement whose economy had for centuries depended on pearling and trade in dhows. From those origins, the city has now become a megalopolis whose development has come to be seen as the prime example of modernity on our planet. Fascinatingly, the history of the city can still be found carefully retained among the contemporaneity of this remarkable city. Taking a walk through Deira or Bur Dubai, where the souks, the gold market and the old fort are located, will show you how they remain beside some of the highest skyscrapers in the world. Strange as this may seem, it is just another way in which Dubai’s dedication to the ‘art’ of shopping finds its best manifestation through offering every type of shopping experience imaginable. Whether you wish to shop in the souks or in Dubai “Mall”, the UAE’s biggest shopping centre, you will find that the variety of shopping choices in Dubai is unique to this city and unparalleled.

Taking a jeep safari out into the desert beyond the city’s limits gives you the chance for an extraordinary get-away in the surrounding peace and excitement of the desert. Expect to have an unforgettable experience with jeep drives over dunes and through wadis leading to calming views of desert, the Gulf and the Dubai skyline.

Dubai’s art scene is also not to be missed. Artists from around the world show their work in the city’s now world famous galleries.

Because it is such a cosmopolitan city, the choice of cuisine is truly global in extent. Taking a meal in one of the restaurants on the top floors of the city’s skyscrapers, restaurants with menus covering the full array of global cuisines, is another of Dubai’s special experiences.

We will be pleased to help you in your choice of aircraft for your visit to Dubai as we will be in enhancing your visit there through our meticulous arrangements throughout your stay in this most modern of cities.

Airports close to Dubai

  • DXB


    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Dubai Intl

    Dubai International Airport is located right in the heart of the city, 10 minutes north of the business district. The private aviation lounges are among the most comfortable and modern. The heavy air traffic passing through this major hub of the Middle East means that take-offs and landings are regulated by the authorities. Be aware in advance that we like to ensure a flight for you in the best conditions but take-off and landing slots are not under our control.

  • SHJ


    Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

    Sharjah Intl

    Sharjah International Airport is located 45 minutes north-east of the city. It is a great alternative for trips to Dubai by private jet being much less frequented than Dubai International Airport. Its 4,000 metre runway means that all flights arriving or departing from Sharjah can be handled. We will be pleased to assist you in choosing the best itinerary for your trip.

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