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Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

Mallorca has luxurious hotels, select and secluded villas in hidden locations around its coasts, plenty of fine culture and outstanding natural beauty. It exemplifies the idyllic western Mediterranean island holiday destination. We will ensure that your charter jet to Mallorca suits the needs of you and your party and we will follow your wishes in arranging the perfect stay on this extraordinarily beautiful island.

The capital, Palma, is full of architectural gems. Its maze of streets winding through the historic old centre is a wonderful place to wander and admire.

Mallorca’s coastline is dramatic, with steep cliffs plunging into turquoise waters. Chartering a yacht equipped with scuba and snorkelling gear will allow you to discover the numerous coves and bays for yourself.

The island has age-old agricultural traditions that have given rise to fine culinary expertise. While its vineyards produce some of Spain’s best wines and can be visited for wine-tasting, with six Michelin starred restaurants on the island, the breadth of choice in fine dining is unmatched outside Europe’s major cities.

Whether you’re traveling with friends, family or business associates seeking a quiet get-away in an ideal setting, we will be pleased to make the arrangements for your stay on the island. It can truly be said that Mallorca caters to every need, providing the highest quality for your every requirement. Mallorca is a popular island. We therefore advise your notifying us early of your Mallorca get-away needs so that we can arrange them to match your preferences, ensuring that you fly in the most appropriate private jet for your party and that your Mallorca stay is hassle-free and efficiently organized well in advance.


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    Palma, Spain

    Palma De Mallorca

    Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI) is one of Europe’s busiest airports, particularly in the summer, so be sure to contact us well in advance, as landing and parking slots are at a premium. PMI has a dedicated terminal for private jet charters, ensuring a fast and smooth departure. It is located 10km from Palma and our team would be delighted to arrange your transport on the ground, as well as organizing the perfect flight option to suit your requirements, at the best price.

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