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Mauritius is an extraordinarily beautiful island nation. It is set in the Indian Ocean, 1,000 kilometres east of Madagascar. Its beauty always astonishes. As a holiday destination, its seaside resort hotels have become globally acclaimed experts through repeatedly giving their guests the best island get-away experiences that they have ever had the good fortune to enjoy.

We will help you in your choice of aircraft for your and your travelling companions’ Mauritius trip and we will be pleased to arrange the details for your stay on the island.

Often and nearly always, visitors to this island nation, on their return home, tell their friends that it is quite impossible to describe the beauty they found on this exquisite island. They insist to their friends that they simply must go to Mauritius themselves to understand  quite what an earthly paradise this island is.
Over the years, Mauritius has repeatedly won awards at travel prize ceremonies for the beauty of its beaches, the quality of its hospitality and the high standards that its hotels have set and that they are continuing to raise, being voted repeatedly as the World’s Leading Island Destination.
The island has the perfect tropical climate. The weather is as pristine as are its beaches, day after day though cyclones do occur, only lastly 2 or 3 days.
The Mauritian textile industry is one of the mainstays of the island’s economy so shopping for fine quality cloth becomes a very enjoyable holiday experience.
The island’s history and demographical make-up mean that its culinary delights, especially its seafood creations, combine the tastes of France, India and China, often incorporating the island’s indigenous plant varieties, in the form of wonderful taste sensations that can be just as memorable as the island’s exquisite land- and seascapes.

We will be pleased to help you in finding the right aircraft for your journey to and from Mauritius and in making the arrangements for your stay on this splendid island.


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    Plaisance, Mauritius

    Sir Seewoosagur Intl

    Located in Plaisance, 50km southeast of the country’s capital of Port Louis, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgooland International Airport is the best option for your private flight to Mauritius. The airport can accommodate all categories of aircraft, from Very Light Jets to VIP Airliners, and has a number of private lounges for you to relax in while waiting for your flight. We will be pleased to organise your transfer from the airport to your final destination. To make your booking or for any more information, please contact us.

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