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Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece

We will be pleased to assist you in your choice of the right executive charter jet for you and your party to visit Mykonos. This beautiful island with its distinctive white Cycladic architecture has been attracting visitors since the very beginnings of Greek tourism. The island has become one of Europe’s most exclsuive destinations with many excellent villas in secluded locations near to the main town or around the island’s shorelines. Making reservations for your Mykonos holiday during the peak summer months early on in the year is a necessary prerequisite to the island’s exclusivity.

It is an especially stylish hot spot. The Cyclades  is the largest island group in the Aegean Sea. It spreads southwest of mainland Greece, with Mykonos being one of the more centrally located islands of the archipelago. The town of Mykonos is located on the island’s west coast and attracts people from all over the world who come to enjoy Mykonos’s legendary nightlife, its luxurious hotels, secluded villas and stunning natural beauty. The picturesque architecture of the main town encourages you to explore its narrow streets which wind between the squares and past its white houses and down to the harbour where, in the summer, you will always come across imposing yachts. Mykonos has some idyllic beaches, some of which can only be visited by boat so hiring a yacht gives you the chance to enjoy the gentle Aegean breezes afloat. Mykonos has a broad selection of high-end boutiques selling the latest in international fashion. With a wonderful climate and its glamorous scene, the island and its people know how to take good care of their visitors and for that reason Mykonos has become so popular among the rich and famous. It will always be a fantastic summertime destination for your holidays.

Since Mykonos is one of the busiest summer destinations, we have built detailed knowledge of what it has to offer its guests. We strongly advise that  you contact us early on in the year giving us plenty of time to make your Mykonos summertime travel arrangements suit your needs.


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    Mikonos, Greece


    Mykonos Island National Airport is located just 10 minutes inland from the town itself and is the best option for your private flight to Mykonos with AirNode. The airport is extremely accustomed to accommodating private jets and provides an excellent service to their passengers, offering exclusive VIP lounges to make your trip as comfortable as possible.
    We would also be delighted to arrange your transfer from the airport to your final destination to make your journey completely hassle-free. For more information or to book your flight and transfer, please contact us.

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