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Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Fly by private jet with AirNode to Tokyo. Whether you are there for business or pleasure, anything is possible in this vibrant metropolis, the capital of the Japanese archipelago.

If you are here for business, your stay will probably begin in the Shinjuku district, where you can spend time between appointments in one of the area’s numerous luxurious cafes. Go for a stroll down Omotesando and admire the futuristic architecture, a backdrop for stunning fashion, displayed in the windows as if in a museum. If you want to combine these pleasures, Miyuki Dori street offers some luxury boutiques in a quaint Japanese setting – an extraordinary experience.  Take a breather at Yoyogi park. A true Tokyo institution particularly when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, you can relax between the temple and the lake in a highly authentic atmosphere. You can continue your experience in the Asakusa district, the historic area of the city, and learn of Tokyo’s past. Book a table at Kozue, on the 40th level of Park Hyatt Tokyo for a Michelin starred dinner, a contemporary atmosphere and, above all, a breathtaking view of the Tokyo skyline and Mount Fuji in clear weather. In the early morning, you can appreciate the peculiar atmosphere of the Tsukiji fish market. The Ginzu district is home to fantastic shops, including major international brands. Not far away you will find the imperial palace, so dear to the Japanese people.

Airports close to Tokyo

  • HND


    Tokyo, Japan


    Tokyo Haneda airport is situated 40 minutes south of the city. It has lounges dedicated to private aviation to allow you to prepare peacefully for your flight. It is an excellent alternative for your flights to Tokyo by private plane. However, due to the significant traffic, the authorities regulate landings and take-offs, so for more information please contact us.

  • NRT


    Tokyo/Narita, Japan

    Narita Intl

    Narita international airport is situated 1 hour 30 minutes east of Tokyo. It offers a wide choice of lounges for private aviation. However, due to the significant traffic, the authorities regulate landings and take-offs. Contact us for more information.

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