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Aircraft Acquisition Services

Buying an aircraft is one of the most important business decisions anyone can ever take.

Being sure that you are buying the right model must depend on to how you plan to use your aircraft – whether for personal and family use, to be hired out commercially or for use by members of your company. Taking these decisions requires a great deal of technical and commercial expertise. We will be pleased to assist you, using our global contacts within the aviation industry to get you the best and most reasonably priced arrangements possible and through close co-operation with you, making sure that we match your needs and wishes in every possible way and that you are fully aware of all aspects of your aircraft’s purchase, maintenance and up-keep, long-term.

Should you ever need to sell your aircraft, we can help you find potential buyers, through our personal contacts and by liaising with media and marketing specialists and taking care of the necessary legal paperwork about which we will help you to understand all the implications so that you are fully aware of potential pit-falls and can fully comprehend the workings of the sale.

We’ll guide you through with helpful advice at every crucial stage.

When assisting corporations and individuals in acquiring a new or pre-owned business jet, AirNode provides precise insight into the current and future marketplace. Our personal service when combined with our inside knowledge enable us to identify the most desirable aircraft available to match your needs; in fact we can sometimes assist you in acquiring as yet unlisted aircraft for your purchase, aircraft which can become yours before they are listed on the open market. That gives you access to the best available aircraft for sale and puts you in the prime position to seize those unique opportunities.

AirNode’s personal care in finding the right aircraft for your needs at the most advantageous price ensures that you obtain the best possible purchase price on Gulfstream, Global Express, Embraer, Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) as well as the full spectrum of the world’s most renowned aircraft manufacturers. We have built our reputation through being attentive of the details and through our persistent advocacy on our clients’ behalf. We will bring you the best deal and advise you along the way, giving you every advantage at the negotiating table.

We certify, using highly qualified aviation inspection service companies, that all pre-owned jets, purchased using our services, are of the highest and safest quality so that you can be assured of purchasing only aircraft in the finest and safest condition at the most advanatageous price. In the unlikely event that there should arise any safety-related issues that cannot be permanently rectified, at the seller’s expense, during the purchasing process, we will recommend complete termination of that purchase and our continuation of our aircraft search on your behalf.

Because our operations operate across the whole range of the executive jet industry and yet we are a tightly organised group of people with a hands-on frame of mind, caring for the details, we keep a precise pulse on new and pre-owned aircraft across the marketplace.

The way that we assist our clients in their aircraft purchases involves examining their strategic business objectives, their particular travel patterns and how private aviation options can help them be more productive and profitable. We help our clients evaluate a wide range of aircraft types and such flight options as charter and shared (fractional) ownership to increase the benefits of private air travel at the lowest cost, yet without sacrificing comfort, productivity or security.

Because buying a business jet is such a major purchase with numerous financial implications, we help you look at the long-term costs of ownership and offer the facts for a broad range of possible purchase options. We examine the particular aircraft’s records so that you are familiar with upcoming inspections, service bulletins and the projected resale values when time comes to sell or upgrade, in the future. Every aspect of your acquisition and ownership of your aircraft will be reported to you. All and every detail is examined in helping you to make informed decisions about the financial as well as the operational implications of your aircraft acquisition.

New Business Jet Acquisition Services

Through the relationships we have developed with the major aircraft manufacturers: Gulfstream, Bombardier, Boeing, Dassault Falcon, Embraer, Hawker Beechcraft and Cessna as well as many others we help you in your aims while obtaining the best pricing and delivery logistics, including managing also the completion of new “green” aircraft and their professional management thereafter.

Whether you are buying new or pre-owned, if your current aircraft sells before your new one delivers, we can provide you with the interim arrangements through our jet charter department.

AirNode has assisted many clients in acquiring their new or pre-owned aircraft. Whether you are inclined to make the arrangements to receive a scheduled delivery or are interested in purchasing a pre-owned aircraft, we can help you acquire the aircraft best suited to your needs.

To learn more about AirNode’s aircraft acquisitions services, please contact us.

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