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AirNode private jet flights are tailored to the way you like to travel. We can fly you anywhere in the world whenever you wish to go. Once you have experienced the benefits of charter over scheduled it is very hard to go back to the queues, delays and restricted flight times.

If you are new to private charter, it’s worth highlighting the advantages.


A charter flight is your personal flight. You have your own departure lounge in a private terminal, and you and your party have the aircraft to yourselves. If you want to travel in complete privacy it is the only way to ensure you avoid crowds and cameras.


We fly when you want to fly – on the day and at the time you specify. And you fly direct from the airport nearest your home to the airport nearest your destination. These are often smaller airports that scheduled services overlook.


There are no queues and no lengthy security checks to pass through. You can be on your flight within minutes of arriving at the airport. And since we choose more convenient airports, transfer times are much, much shorter. And if they aren’t we can always organise a helicopter transfer.


There’s so much more room on a private jet. You can stretch out and enjoy yourself with personalized catering and entertainment. You don’t have to make do with what an airline offers, we fit the entire flight around you.

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