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Aircraft Management

AirNode has been involved in several multi-million dollar aircraft purchase transactions where we work for you, the buyer.  Our belief is to match you with the best possible aircraft that eloquently meets your needs.  Approved by aviation authorities worldwide, AirNode operates a full service aircraft maintenance operation to keep your aircraft in pristine condition. While not travelling on your aircraft, you have the option to offset the cost of aircraft ownership through charter. Revenue generated on aircraft charters can be put towards offsetting ownership fixed costs. If you are looking for a partner to protect your asset and manage every detail, AirNode is ready to serve.

Our goal is to enhance your private travel experience far beyond what you thought was possible.

AirNode Travel Solutions, your travel, your way, without compromise.

Our services

We provide the following services when we manage your aircraft:

Maintenance Management

  • Plan and supervise all required inspections, record keeping and maintenance
  • Maintain current manufacturers’ maintenance manuals for aircraft and equipment
  • Maintain compliance with all service letters, bulletins, and FAA or CCA airworthiness directives
  • Properly noted updates to all log books and records
  • Receive repair work and billing for warranty adjustments
Air Charter Management
  • Offset your ownership expenses by providing charter services for your aircraft
  • We schedule and handle all activities involved in chartering your aircraft

Aircraft Information:

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